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Welcome to the Tigardville Jam, featuring Full Scale Jam and your hosts, Dan Hess, Wilton Merritt and Phil Susan. Every Thursday evening, they plan on bringing the FUN to Tigardville Station!

We'd like to clear up a couple things so everyone knows what the heck we're doing. For instance, what the heck is the difference between an Open Mic and a Jam Session?

Excellent question! According to our close personal friends at Funk and Wagnalls, "Open mic events are somewhat related to jam sessions, in that in both cases amateur performers are given the opportunity to sing or play instruments. The difference is that jam sessions often involve musical ensembles, possibly even a house band or rhythm section and a jam session may involve the participation of professional performers."

What does that mean in this case? What that means is, when you get up to play, you will likely be accompanied by at least a couple of professional musicians. It also does not mean you have to be an amateur musician to get up and play. In fact, you may be one of several guest, professional musicians.

So whether you're an amateur singer/musician or a seasoned pro looking to do some woodshedding and work on your chops, Thursday nights Tigardville Station is the place to be

We kick things off at 7:30pm and wrap it up around 10:30pm.


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